Coronavirus: Updates to Procedures

This page is dedicated to providing updates to our customers about important changes to the way things run at the centre now, under Government and CHA guidance. 

As social distancing is the new normal, we are enforcing this within the centre. There are marked out areas on the floor for you to stand and sit in, and PPE is provided if we need your assistance beyond the designated areas. 

If we are able to treat your dog without you present inside the centre this is preferable. If you are entering the centre please ring 0114 442 0137 upon your arrival to ensure the centre is clear for you to enter safely. Please sanitize your hands at the waiting room door using the sanitizer provided.

In England you must wear a face covering inside any premises providing veterinary services unless there is a reasonable excuse for removing it. 

Thank you for your compliance. 

Tudor Hydrotherapy Centre

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