Coronavirus: Updates to Procedures

This page is dedicated to providing updates to our customers about important changes to the way things run at the centre now, under Government and CHA guidance. 

Only dogs that require Hydrotherapy for a medical reasons are permitted to attend their sessions during the current lockdown period. This means that if your dog was referred by your vets and cannot go for any length of time without showing signs of deterioration in their condition, they are permitted to continue their treatment. This includes post-operative referrals. If you are unsure if your dog can undergo treatment as an existing or new customer, please get in touch.


At present no owners are permitted inside the centre for their dogs Hydrotherapy appointment, unless circumstances require an owner to be inside to satisfy a safety measure i.e. your dog cannot be handled by the Hydrotherapist alone, there is risk of injury or extreme heightened anxiety. As social distancing is the new normal, we are enforcing this within the centre. There are marked out areas on the floor for you to stand and sit in, and PPE is provided if we need your assistance beyond the designated areas. Please sanitize your hands at the waiting room door using the sanitizer provided.

In England you must wear a face covering inside any premises providing veterinary services unless there is a reasonable excuse for removing it. 

Thank you for your compliance.