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Fireworks; the annual fear

Every year from October onwards we start to see and hear the fireworks building up, peaking on Bonfire Night and then again at New Year with the random unexpected garden displays in between. With large organised events being cancelled this year due to Coronavirus, it is expected that there will be many more back garden displays that are at more unpredictable times and closer to home!

For those of us with highly sensitive and anxious dogs the unpredictability of the bangs can lead to devastatingly stressed dogs and in some cases has led to death. The RSPCA campaign #BangOutOfOrder is running, not for a total ban on fireworks, but is pushing for regulations to be changed to protect animal welfare. A recent poll conducted by the RSPCA found that 62% of dogs show signs of stress during fireworks. This amounts to thousands of animals every year. The British Horse Society reports 20 deaths, 10 severe injuries, and 88 mild to moderate injuries in horses in fireworks incidents since 2010. (

So what can we do?

  1. Distract with TV, Radio noise

  2. Close the curtains and windows

  3. Veterinary prescribed medication

  4. Build a dog safe den where they can hide

  5. Use herbal calming remedies

  6. Plug-in pheromone diffusers

  7. Put a thundershirt on your dog

  8. Walk them in daylight hours

  9. Ensure your dog cannot escape

  10. Reassure them but don't cause panic

Sometimes a combination of the above can help to reduce the anxiety to a manageable level for the duration of the fireworks. A new product to the Tudor shop comes from Proflax, along with a select range of Superfood Herbal Supplements, they also make a Calm and Collected Supplement, helping to keep your dog calm without drowsiness.

It is a natural holistic superfood to reduce anxiety and aid focus. The blend contains 8 high strength active herbs that are naturally calming as well as aiding recovery and giving extra support to the bones, joints and circulation. The active ingredients (Turmeric, Liquorice, Skullcap, Withania, Chamomile, Ginger, Gotu Kola and Astragalus) all provide nutritional support and the flaxseed oil also maintains health of the heart, digestive, immune and reproductive system. Four of the above mentioned herbs are adaptogenic, which are unique to helping balance, restore and protect the body physically and emotionally.

All Proflax Superfood Supplements have been formulated by a holistic vet to allow for maximum efficacy and health benefits can bee seen within 7 days, but for full effect up to firework season it is suggested feeding in the weeks prior. As well as this you can acclimate your dog to their safe den, having all the curtains and windows closed form dusk, wearing a thundershirt and changing the time of their surprisingly these little changes can actually causes stress and anxiety too!! Get in touch today to order your bottle of Calm and Collected ready for the firework season.

0114 442 0137

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