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Hip Dysplasia 

I can honestly say we were going to a different hydrotherapy centre who I wasn’t happy with but since coming to Tudor my faith has been restored ten fold!.... I cannot recommend Beth enough, not only does she know her stuff (according to my vet A Crooks & Partners) but my boy Carragher has come on so much after his Femoral Head Operation.... I would like to thank her for her patience with him because he prefers to play than work but she perseveres and gets results! X


Hip Dysplasia

Easy to get to, lots of parking and very clean and modern. The best bit is that my dog loves going! My dog is treated with lots of love and care and always has the best time when at her appointment. She has had great results in training both Beth and Karen into giving her lots of treats :) The staff are very good at their jobs, very professional and go above and beyond when it comes to your pet. I would a million percent recommend Tudor Hydrotherapy


Suspect IVDD

My dog George needed help with his disc issues and we have successfully completed 10 very happy sessions at the Tudor's with Beth. We couldn't recommend her enough. Beth is very knowledgeable and was very supportive of us as a team. We are going back to the Orthopaedic specialist soon to learn if further sessions will be needed. I can assure that my dog and myself benefited a lot from the sessions with Beth. Having access to her blog and her weekly advice was very important for us to adapt to his new needs... Even after we finished our hydro sessions Beth had contact us to check up on George. Thank you Beth! Outstanding professional and practice! A lot of love from George!!!


Cruciate Repair

Bert had TPLO surgery at the end of July and on my vets recommendation we started water treadmill sessions as soon as the surgical wound was sufficiently healed - about 2 weeks post op. Beth has been amazing throughout Bert’s rehab. He isn’t always the easiest of dogs and can be suspicious of new people, but Beth’s friendly, calm demeanour very soon put him at ease, and Bert has clearly enjoyed his sessions very much. Beth is extremely professional and clearly knows exactly what she’s doing. Bert’s rehab has been specifically tailored according to his progress, with adjustments as necessary to the speed, water depth and incline of the treadmill - to get the best possible results and help Bert get back to normal as quickly as possible. I would 100% recommend Beth and Tudor Hydrotherapy to anyone whose dog is needing hydrotherapy. Bert and I will miss our weekly sessions with Beth very much. 5 stars!


Cruciate Repairs, Secondary Arthritis

Scampi had major surgery last year and was still struggling so the vet recommended hydrotherapy. His first session was at the beginning of the year and we managed 9 sessions before lockdown and have just attended our last one today. I cannot express our gratitude to Beth she instantly made us and Scampi feel comfortable and reassured. Her centre is easy to get to, clean and welcoming. Beth's knowledge is excellent and I cannot recommend her services enough. Although Scampi has achieved his goal we will still attend every month or so to ensure he keeps strong and healthy. Thank you Beth Scampi will miss you. 😁. We would also say that anyone anxious about attending the centre in these uncertain times there is no need to worry Beth has all the necessary measures in place. Thanks again. 😁


Hip Dysplasia

Great place great staff and great prices, my dog troy loves it helping him. They make it fun while helping. First time is always a bit of a scare but after that they start to love it and my dog started to love water more, so built his confidence as well as helping his back legs, would recommend.


Cruciate Repair

​​We took our dog after he had a operation on his back leg. Beth was recommended by our vet. She knows her stuff, dog fell in love with her and he loved going for his therapy. Professional service and a lovely lady. Would give 6 stars if I could.


Intervertebral Disc Disease, 
Degenerative Lumbosacral Stenosis

My husky has been coming here since May, he was diagnosed with stenosis of his spine with disk compression. I spoke in length over the phone with several hydrotherapy places within driving distance of my home but felt none gave me enough information to believe that hydro could make a difference to my dogs life, I spoke to my vets and Tudor hydrotherapy came highly recommended by my specialists vets in Wakefield (paragon referrals) Beth has developed a very understanding bond with bear over a relatively short time, bear isn't the easiest of customers and can be difficult (it goes with the breed) he's a stubborn dog who wouldn't do anything he wasn't happy doing. We started hydro weekly for the first ten weeks videos were took at week one and again at week 9 because it's easy to forget and overlook progress made. Bear has gone from strength to strength he had lost quite a bit of muscle tone that muscle tone is now back, bears hydro started weekly, then to fortnightly, we are now at every 3 weeks. Bear had a blip a few months ago when medication was dropped, Beth went back to basics with him took it slow reduced his time on the treadmill we increased his sessions again and within a month he had picked up to where we had left off. Beth isn't just there for the dog she's supported myself when I've thought things were going backwards reassuring me that things are going in the right direction, talking over the phone for updates on his progress.l, not just with myself she's also in contact with the vets too with updates, The bond between bear and Beth is so positive when it's time for hydro I ask bear are we going to see Beth and go swim his response is the same as me asking if he wants to go a walk. From the. Moment I walked into Tudor I felt relaxed I felt welcomed, bear wasn't pushed into doing anything he wasn't forced to the treadmill he's not pushed beyond realistic limit, Beth can read bears body language she can see when he's not himself when he's struggling. Back in may bear was walking short walks of no more than 15 mins vets said he wouldn't be able to walk long distances no more, it's now December and he's walking a minimum of 3 miles daily, he's now doing his pack walks with the walking group and walking 6/7 miles every Sunday ( my vet wasn't confident that he would carry on these pack walks), between ourselves and Beth we have put together a routine that suits both me and bear, in-between appointments it's been necessary for me to call Beth occasionally and say I feel bears stiffening up and slotting bear in for an extra session has never been a problem. although bears not walking distances he once did and as often as he did hydrotherapy has given him a quality of life back that I never thought would be and for that I will always be grateful, the photos that are taken and the videos that are taken at bears hydro sessions each week tell a story and show just what a difference hydrotherapy has made to both mine and bears life


Elbow Dysplasia

We’ve had a few sessions here with our Rottie for arthritis and really starting to see a difference now 😊. Beth is great with Neville and really knowledgeable at what she does. Neville loves the fusses too :) 


Hip Dysplasia

I don't normally write reviews but can highly recommend Tudor Hydrotherapy. Boris the rottie loves his hydrotherapy sessions now thanks to Beth. He's definitely stubborn, we thought he wouldn't take to it and we felt disheartened. Beth has the patience of a saint and tried everything until we had a major breakthrough. The centre is easy to find, about 5 minutes away from Meadowhall, has a large car park. It's extremely clean and spacious, has a top quality treadmill which is easy for large dogs with mobility problems to get inside. Most of all a great service from a friendly, highly professional lady who has your pets health and best interests at heart. Thank you!

Cosmo & Jerry

Fitness & Conditioning

Tudor hydrotherapy are fantastic! My boys go for fitness as they compete in dog agility and I’ve never been to anywhere as experienced in enhancing my dogs performance. They video sessions and analyse my dogs gait which then helps spot weakness to improve muscle in the areas that are weaker and also to help spot any injuries between physiotherapy sessions. I couldn’t recommend them any more for fitness and for injuries. Beth is fantastic and so good with the dogs, even with a beagle that isn’t the most fond of water and a Collie that can’t get enough of it!


Bilateral Elbow Dysplasia

Archie has been going to see Beth for a few months now, and he loves going! She makes such a fuss of him, treats him like one of her own and she does a fantastic job! Since starting his hydrotherapy for elbow dysplasia, he is now hardly lame. The centre is always very clean, with ample parking available, and it is very easy to get an appointment or to change an appointment (which I have had to do a few times!). Me and Archie wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.


Patella Luxation, Toe Amputation

We’ve had a fair few sessions now and the improvement in my spaniel Eddie is amazing. Really nice set up too. Beth is lovely, very knowledgeable and Eddie loves everything about hydro. Always trying new things to help with his mobility and weight bearing. Highly recommended ☺️


Patella Luxation

We’ve had 5 sessions so far at Tudor hydrotherapy centre we’ve seen a huge improvement in our dog! We’ve seen Beth every time, she’s very friendly and very knowledgeable and is great with our dog. The centre is always clean with easy parking too and there’s lots of choice for appointment times/days!


Congenital Forelimb Deformity, Bilateral hip Dysplasia, Cruciate Repair

Tudor hydrotherapy have been seeing my golden retriever Lilly for hip dysplasia, they have been absolutely amazing with her and have helped her prior to surgery, very friendly and professional service


Forelimb Lameness

As a dog owner. I can hand on heart truthful say, Beth the Therapist at Tudor knows her stuff. Beth has put my Ruby at ease, building her confidence and trust up during the sessions she has attended for physio. Beth with her wealth of knowledge makes me feel reassured that Ruby is getting the best treatment.The centre is clean, loads of space. Beth's friendly and caring nature attributes a lot towards making it a calming experience for the dog and owner. I would highly recommend the Tudor Hydrotherapy Centre, because your best friend is in good hands.


Patella Luxation

Charlie had an operation on both his back legs and struggled on his recovery after. Since coming to Tudor and seeing Beth he’s been showing amazing improvement. It’s made a huge impact on his walking and behaviour, which has really surprised me. I didn’t realise some of his behavioural traits which he had 3 or 4 years ago weren’t there anymore that are now reappearing and it’s like he’s got a new lease of life now. Another massive impact it’s had is his weight, I’ve always struggled with this but now he’s finally got a waist line! It’s wonderful seeing Charlie so happy and acting like a puppy again. Thank you so much Beth.


Cruciate Repair,  Arthritis 

I brought my 13 year-old Border Collie, Jack, to hydrotherapy following a cruciate ligament rupture in June 2017. Beth carried out a thorough initial assessment with Jack and I, and worked hard to get to know us both. She devised a treatment schedule that was thorough, grounded in solid theoretical basis but with flexibility and creativity, and tailored to Jack’s specific physical and emotional needs. From first meeting, Beth won our nervous and frightened boy round, and before long, his tail wagged as he came in to the Centre to find her, and he would look all around for her until she came in to reception! She built client rapport quickly; both Jack and I really looked forward to his hydro sessions, where Beth would work at his pace, challenging him without overwhelming him.

Beth has a natural connection with dogs, and this understanding and empathy makes for an outstanding commitment to care. Her compassionate and patient approach is testament to this, and it really places her streets ahead of other practitioners we have worked with. Jack was off-lead exercising again within a couple of months of starting treatment with Beth, and as the perennial puppy he was, could return to enjoying good walks in his favourite places. Beth’s expert intervention gave our boy a ‘bonus year’, improving his quality of life and making sure we were able to maintain our beautiful boy’s wellbeing. We will always be grateful for her help and support! 

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